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Who We Are

We help you find your fit. Whether it's shoes, apparel, gear or training programs, Run On!’s expert staff is committed to finding what works for you. Our mission at Run On! is to inspire individuals of all ages and abilities in achieving their fitness goals through our comprehensive product line, enhanced service and training.


What we do

Run On! starts with the most important thing, your feet. What is your gait and how do you find it? Your gait is the biomechanics of your feet or simply how your feet move. We can help you determine the category of shoe that you need for your gait by providing you with a specialized gait analysis. Customer service is our focus and so highly trained staff are with you every step of the way. Let’s find your fit!

At Run On! our bra fitting process is just as extensive (and important) as our shoe fitting process.  Although your sports bra is an essential piece of equipment, most women are wearing the wrong bra. We are here to help you find the right style and fit for you. Learn more.

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We Have Been Recognized

We are very pleased to announce that Run On! has been selected for Competitor's list of Top 50 Speciatly Running Stores in America again in 2013.

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